Monday, July 6, 2009

Plum Crazy!

It's plum season in San Francisco, which I think is surely the wildest fruit season in the city.  Plums trees grow so well here and are so popular that there are a lot of different varieties which extends the harvest because they each ripen at different times.  But when they do ripen, its fast and furious;  the whole tree (which can be several hundred lbs of fruit!) will ripen and drop fruit in the span of a few weeks to a month.  And the picked fruit doesn't keep for too long either, so you have to share and preserve, make pies and wine.

There is this amazing feeling of temporal abundance during plum season in San Francisco, the air feels warmer and lighter, people are coming out from the rain, meeting each other again, sharing their excess.  San Francisco may not be especially great at keeping in line with the demarcation of temperate seasons, but our fruit tree seasons are crisp and clear, and each year when plum season hits, I know it's summer in the city.

Burton and Kevin working together to harvest a plum tree in Potrero.

Burton mastering the extension picker to get some high up plums.

Kevin waiting to set up the Free Farm Stand with PttP plums, lemons and loquats, from Bernal Heights, the Mission, Potrero and Noe Valley.

Lovely folks at the Free Farm Stand conversating over the fruit.

Tart plum face!

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