Saturday, July 18, 2009

Jam and Bread

We really like to make use of everything here at Produce to the People, so we've been saving overripe fruit from our harvesting excursions and freezing it, and now we're ready to a whole bunch of jam! We also made zucchini bread from the zucchini's that we got to partake in from the harvest at Alemany Farm, and whole wheat bread for folks to taste the jam at our upcoming jam sale fundraiser at Mission Pie.

Kevin, Brenaja, Kristine, and Burton pitting mirabelle plums and cleaning rose petals.

Kristine moving the bread dough to knead it and let it rise.

photo by Brenaja Cates
Kevin mixing up the zucchini bread.

Apricot Lavender and Plum Blackberry Jam bubbling away on the stove.

Brenaja stirring up the Plum Rose Petal Jam.

Water bath canner.

Finished Apricot Lavender Jam

Finished Plum Rose Petal Jam.

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