Sunday, July 19, 2009

Jam Sale was a success!

The jam sale at Mission Pie was awesome! We sold out of all of our jam (about 65 jars!) not even halfway through our scheduled day. Kristine and Brenaja were superstars, wooing people in with jam tastes on bread we had made the day before, and then helping folks pick out exactly the right jam for their tastes.

Thanks so much to everyone that came out and bought jam to support Produce to the People! Thanks to Kristine, Brenaja, Kevin, Yuwen and Burton (sorry, Burton and Yuwen that you had the second shift and we finished so early!) for all your hard work making jam and bread! And thanks to Mission Pie for being so generous to host us and have a benefit plum tart day in our honor, and for all the great local food work and fostering of young folks that you do!

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