Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Julian Pantry

Another one of the really lovely places that we donate and distribute our produce through is the Julian Pantry at St. John's Church on 15th St. and Julian St. We went recently to help out with their Saturday pantry, which has a really nice communal vibe to it. Everyone who helps eats breakfast together beforehand, and before people line up for their groceries, there's a bagel and pastry snack time that happens in the courtyard.
We brought plums with us to share and Page, a professor from Stanford who I met recently at the Free Farm Stand brought a bunch of grapefruit he gleaned from the Stanford campus.  So wonderful!

Yuwen shucking corn!

Burton helping folks with their celery.

Kristine helping Brenaja refill the pasta.

And Kevin found a heart shaped potato!

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