Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Well friends, it's been a minute!  Or rather, a couple years!  That is a story that I do intend to tell as I appreciate transparency, but I'll table it for right now and just say....

Produce to the People is making a comeback for 2015!  It will be short but sweet, we are planning to open our programming back up at a limited capacity with the intention to tie up loose ends, grow a few more plants, pick a little bit more fruit, offer a little bit more community workshops and get togethers, and then say our final goodbye at the end of the year.  We're super grateful to our fiscal sponsor, The San Francisco Parks Alliance, for allowing us the space to finish up our programming in a way that feels true to the initial vision of Produce to the People, to celebrate the really local food and gardens and knowledge and care that we're cultivating right here in this tiny, still vibrant city.

Fun stuff we're working on or have coming up:

Re-vamping the Mission Branch Library Garden!  So far I've just been pulling A LOT of weeds, but compost this week and then we'll be planting it out with dwarf fruit trees and perennial herbs, for ease of future maintenance.  I'm really thrilled about this project, I know it's much smaller than some of our past gardens, but it emblematic of what a livable city could look like if we shift our priorities.  Thanks to Laura and Maricela at the library and Nicole from Garden for the Environment for connecting us.

Mission Library weedy raised bed!

Tea and Toast!  Since making and canning jam has been a big part of Produce to the People over the years, we'd like to keep jamming with you all!  In the past our jams have served as a fundraiser for the project, but since we're no longer raising $, we're going host some pretty low key free toast and jam get togethers with hot tea from SF grown medicinal (and tasty!) herbs.  These will be very informal pop up gatherings.  Everyone is welcome.  Stay tuned for dates!

We'll also be having jam tastings with a few youth cooking classes at SF schools, and will report back about fun times!

jam on it!

We'd also like to sponsor some workshops over the year so that they can be offered free to the public, and while we've got a few in the works already, if you have an idea, a skill set, a venue, etc., please get in touch and let us know!  We're looking for things that fall within our realm of programming- but that could be interpreted pretty expansively- anywhere between plants and food and community would work for us!  Heads up that we surely won't be able to host everyone's idea, but we'd love to hear from you if you have one and maybe we can make something happen!

Looking forward to a fruitful year <3 div="">

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