Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Food Preservation Workshop Series!

Hey Friends! This workshop series isn't exclusively PTTP, but the profits from the first workshop on canning JAM go to benefit PTTP! See you there!

Lauren Anderson, director of Produce to the People, and Finn Cunningham, writer of the Mental Health Cookbook, will be offering a four part workshop series this January on Jamming, Fermenting, Pickling and Sprouting. Learn traditional kitchen skills by attending one workshop, or participate in the whole series. Workshops are hands-on, most processes will be done together during the class and each class will send you home with a jar of something homemade and delicious. All classes will be taught in a home kitchen in Bernal and registration will be limited to eight students per class. To register for each class, simply click on the sliding scale amount that feels best for your budget, or register for the entire series with the sliding scale links all the way at the bottom.
See you in January!

Jam and Intro to Water Bath Canning: January 8th, 1-3pm
This workshop will teach the basics of fruit jam cooking and canning, as well as introductory water bath canning, which can be applied to many of the preservation techniques taught in later workshops (although this canning process will only be demonstrated during the jam workshop). Participants will leave with one 8oz. jar of homemade canned jam.
Sliding scale: $20, $25, or $30
(profits from this workshop go to benefit Produce to the People)

Fermentation: January 15th, 1-3pm
Come learn about the basics of fermentation and the benefits of probiotics. We'll be demonstrating how to make yogurt, kimchi and sauerkraut at home and participants will leave with a jar of kraut.
Sliding scale: $20, $25 or $30

Pickles: January 22nd, 1-3pm
This workshop will focus on vegetable pickling and will demonstrate both pickling with vinegar as well as salt brining. Participants will leave with a pint jar of vinegar pickles.
Sliding scale: $20, $25, or $30

Sprouting: January 29th, 1-3pm
Come learn about the nutritional benefits of sprouting and how to incorporate sprouts into your diet. We'll cover how to sprout beans, grains, seeds and greens and we'll be making sprouting jars to use at home.
Sliding Scale: $20, $25 or $30

To register for the entire series, click here:
Workshop Series: Sliding Scale: $80, $100, $120

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: wildoatsandnettles@gmail.com

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