Friday, September 3, 2010

Cross Country Inspiration

Hey Folks, It's Lauren here!

I'm currently traveling across the country with Case, our summer program assistant, as he heads home to Columbus, OH after finishing up his year of service with LVC. We thought this was a great opportunity to check out a small, small taste of other urban agriculture, food justice, and just good old fashioned home food gardening that's going on outside of the amazing little bubble of action in the bay area. Case is planning to continue gardening and food justice work in the heartland, and feeling excited and nervous about dealing with seasons that involve more drastic changes than "rain" and "not rain", so we're going to do a quick run through and see how other folks make it happen.

We're blazing a trail down to Arizona and New Mexico, jumping Oklahoma and Texas on our way to Arkansas, and then making a left and heading north. Our stops are based on people we've met, friends of friends, or people we heard were cool that were willing to entertain us. This is a random grouping at best, but I have the feeling there will be amazing ties between places, projects, and people, and that things will lead to other things, and I can't wait to see how it will all pan out.

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