Thursday, March 4, 2010

PttP on Daily Candy + Gleaning info zine with Source Press!

Thanks to Daily Candy for the little blurb about our backyard harvest program! It has created quite a buzz, and reached a lot of folks outside of San Francisco that want to glean fruit and give it away. I had previously talked to a person here and there that wanted to start similar programs either gleaning or gardening in their local area, but a good handful got ahold of me just now, and I am thinking about putting together an info packet to help with the basics of starting such a program. We are really lucky to have such a thriving and generous garden community in the bay area, and I had the help and advice of many brilliant and dedicated folks getting PttP off the ground, so I would be really honored to be able to pass any ideas I've garnered along the way to make it easier for other folks to harness their local fruit and get it to people who can make good use of it.

And the ever-awesome Sorrel of Source Press has offered to help put out the info packet, so it will be zine style, and I'm super excited to work with her on it. She just finished her Mental Health Cookbook, which, of course, is amazing. If you're in the bay area, there's a release party at the Secret Garden on Sunday April 4th from 11-1pm, more info on the Source website. If you've never been to the Secret Garden, you could get a triple whammy that day because you could hang out there, get a zine, and hit the Free Farm Stand around the corner right after.
All very exciting!
Stay tuned about the info zine, or get ahold of me if you'd like to know when it will be available. Also, get ready to be patient because I've got a little too much on my plate right now, so it'll be a minute before I can really devote the energy to that project that it needs. But if you need help with ideas about starting a gleaning group in the meantime, please send an email.

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