Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mission District Citrus

One of the beautiful things out our mediterranean climate here in San Francisco is that we can have bearing fruit trees almost all year round. In the dreariest, wettest winter days, our citrus trees shine like little bursts of sunshine, staving off the cold season, and producing abundant amounts of fruit even in tight quarters. There are days when I walk down the street and think San Francisco must be in the running for meyer lemon capitol of the world, and our oranges aren't too shabby either. We've had a couple really nice excursions out in the Mission District recently, picking beautiful meyers, satsuma mandarins, and some really sweet oranges that I'm still not sure of the variety.
Harvests definitely slow during citrus season, I think since citrus hangs on the tree for a bit and is sort of self contained when it does fall, it doesn't create the urgency that a plum tree, heavy with fruit and threatening to create a slick of partially fermented mush all over the yard, can instill in people. But please, don't hold tight to your citrus! There are many folks in the city that can make good use of that healthy dose of vitamin C. Drop us a line or give a call and we'll happily come out and pick even the thickest skinned lemons!

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