Monday, December 14, 2009

Holiday Jammin'!

We hosted our second ever Produce to the People benefit JAM SALE at the warm and wonderful Mission Pie this past Saturday and despite the rain, we had a nice turn out! Some new faces, and some good friends, and some folks who enjoyed the jam from the last sale so much that they braved the looming downpour to pick some up!

We had about ten varieties of jam of jam this time, all made with local fruit and herbs, and organic and fair-trade sugars. We also had some hand stenciled and sewn tote bags and some hand punched buttons with great phrases like "fruit trees are love", "homegrown tastes best" and "share your harvest".

Big thanks to Gregory Bartlett, Chantal O'Keeffe, Chelsea Rae Klein, and Little Vila for helping set up and talk jam with all the great folks that came by. Thanks to Mei Ling Hui and Courtney Lee for stopping by to say hi and talk about gardens and fruit trees. And as always, undying gratitude to Mission Pie for the great work you do with youth and local food, and for always supporting our efforts to do similarly great work.

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