Saturday, August 1, 2009

Plum Season part II

Plum season has been holding strong, so much so that when we talk about our harvest schedule for the day, I get a resounding, ugh! plums again!? from the PttP youth. It's been an amazing crash course in local seasonal food, one that has left our teenagers dreaming of fall apples. Even my excitement for plums is waning, but I still think they're beautiful, and that part of their beauty is the combination of variety, abundance, and versatility.

Kevin (top), Burton and Brenaja (bottom), picking cherry plums at the Secret Garden. These trees are crazy prolific!

Our spread at the Free Farm Stand (photos by Bill McLeod)

I made a vegan plum blackberry (with berries from Bernal Hill) pie for our youth program picnic. We make it a point to properly honor and celebrate the food we harvest and share!

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