Saturday, June 13, 2009

Sweet Success!

Ice Cream to the People was super fun and a fundraising and "getting the word out" success!

I am a million times lucky to have such brilliant and wonderful friends that helped organize, host, contribute and spread the word for this event. And we received donations of goods from so many awesome local businesses, it was really quite a spread. A special thanks to Dawn at El Rio for being so generous with her space, not just to us, but to the community of SF as a whole, and a big giant thank you hug to Gregory B, Chantal, Erin, Jenna, and Little for helping out at the event, for your huge hearts and undying support.

Thanks to everyone who came out, ate ice cream, bought raffle tickets, registered gardens for harvest, and hung around under the lemon tree.

Little and Gregory B. letting folks know about Produce to the People!

Chantal OK holding down the fort up front.

Homemade fruit preserves and herb syrups for ice cream. Yum!

All the amazing raffle goodies! Check out the list on our community partners page, and support folks that support us!

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